How to use Asset Bank

You can find images and documents by:

  • entering a keyword into the Quick Search, 
  • performing an advanced search by clicking 'More' and then 'Advanced search' or 
  • by browsing the categories under 'Browse'.
Accessing Asset Bank

If you're not connected to the University of Surrey network, you'll only have access to a small sample of the images on Asset Bank, and you won't be able to download any files.

If you're connected to the University of Surrey network (including over Wi-Fi), you'll have access to all the images on Asset Bank, and you'll be able to download up to five normal-resolution images a day.

You will need an Asset Bank account if you want to:

  • Access Asset Bank from off-campus
  • Download more than five images a day
  • Download high-resolution images (for a print campaign, for example)

If you have an Asset Bank account, you can log in to get access to these features.

I need an account

Please email the Creative Team using the 'Contact us' form. The number of accounts we have available is limited, and we review whether to give out accounts on a case-by-case basis. New accounts normally expire after one year, though you can contact us again if you need to extend your account.

Please allow up to five business days for your account request to be processed.

I have some images that I want to upload to Asset Bank

Sounds great. Please email the Creative Team using the 'Contact us' form and we'll get you set up.